Yorkshire Artist Vicki Shortt

I am a Yorkshire-born artist, based in the South West, creating unique, vibrant pieces of art inspired by nature and my love of travel.

October Out of Office – I’ll be away for the remainder of October. Your orders will be processed as soon as I’m home on 1st November. Many thanks, Vicki x

About Vicki

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A Yorkshire Artist

A proud Yorkshire woman, I have been living in the South West, in Somerset, for the last decade. 

I have a background in arts and crafts – I studied art (many moons ago!) and was a self-employed creative in my early twenties. But over the last couple of decades my employment has been somewhat less artistic and so in 2021, I decided to make a change!

Artistic Voice

Since that point, finding my artistic voice has been (and continues to be) an ever-evolving journey. I'm always inspired by nature in all its glory (big cloudy skies, birds of all shapes, sizes and colours, flowers, shapes, colour, tone, and texture). My passion for interiors, colour and mark making directs my work and it is with my original mixed-media paintings that I create my digital designs.

Realising the potential of my paintings was a hugely exciting moment. I started out developing a range of textile homewares and art prints that brought my hand painted creations to life in digital form, by manipulating them into shapes and letters. These homewares are all available via my Etsy Shop.

Continuing to push the boundaries, I have developed a collection of digital collage landscapes and landmarks from across the UK. These are completely unique and have been incredibly popular. I love nothing more than indulging my love of history and travel as I research and delve into all corners of this wonderful land, recreating and reimagining places of special significance for my customers!

Environmental Consideration

On an environmental note, I have been very conscious from the start to try to minimise waste. I have always been a reuser, repurposer and recycler. I'm always joking on my socials that every nook and cranny of my house is jammed with 'saved' gift wrap and packing materials ... my mum has always done this, I do it and so do many of my friends. In fact, something I use to decorate a friend's gift will often find its way back to me to be reused again and again. I try to adopt this same principle into my business and reuse boxes and packaging, aiming to reduce the need for new items to do the same job. I'm sure this will be an ever-evolving approach for me as my business develops.

Outside of Work

And when I get some 'outside' time, I love the British countryside, whether this be on foot, by bike or on horse back. Watching the seasons change is a source of constant inspiration for me and I always try to include elements of this in my work.

I am incredibly lucky to be supported by the most wonderful human – my husband, Steve. Not only has he encouraged me to do this from day one, but has used his own skills as a photographer and web developer to help me get to where I am today.

Thanks for reading this epic biog by the way! Do feel free to get in touch with feedback or ideas, and also if you need any help with your order(s) – I'd love to hear from you! hello@vickishortt.com

Vicki x





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