An Overdue Update!

So, it really has been a while, so apologies for that.

You might ask what I've been up to ... well since my last blog article I've been busy developing my print collection.

Taking stock and realising the potential of creating digital collage designs, I took the decision to focus solely on selling prints of my work. This meant closing my small unit at The Emporium in Wellington (so no more glassware), and moving my end of line and older designs to Etsy. I guess you could look upon the latter as an 'outlet'!


Digital Collage Landscapes

Since I launced the collection at Easter, my feet haven't touched the ground! I have been completely blown away by the reception to my work. Not only have I completed somewhere in the region of 30 commission designs, but I have also continued to expand the collection with designs now depicting scenes from the South West to South Yorkshire, London to Lincolnshire, and many many places in between.

My style is developing to become quite detailed (reverting to type as this was always my 'voice' as a young artist) as I push the boundaries of the Abobe software I'm working with.

As as artist I can see the potential in so many places I visit, and as well as exploring landscapes as digital collages, I have been enjoying indulging my love of history, particularly local history and folklore.

History and Art

I never would have imagined that I could make a living from combining two of my passions.

I've always loved being creative, and have always had a fascination with the past – the lives of the people who came before us, how they lived, what they wore, their homes, their society and culture – and it's probably why I studied it at university.

In the creation of my landscape and landmark collection, I have explored the past, looking at the significace of monuments, buildings, and the names of the places I have recreated. You will see a little historical fact or two included with each design description, and when you receive a print in the post, you will find a little print-out of the same description for you to keep with the artwork.

New Stockists

Rocket and Bird

If you follow me on social media you will recall how excited I was to be accepted as a maker at Rocket and Bird here in Taunton. 'RnB' as I refer to them, are two artist-makers, who brought their respective businesses together (Rocket & Co, and Bird Modern Vintage) to open a small retail unit that championed the best that Somerset's creative community had to offer. 

Fast forward through Covid, with the development of an online presence, to the start of 2023, when they moved to larger premises, just around the corner, but still in Taunton's Independent Quarter. The dynamic duo expanded their offering and reached out to me to gauge my interest in selling my prints. It was such a highlight for me – I saw this as recognition that my work was good enough to be sold in their shop and that it was being validated by their collective artistic experience and knowledge.

I've been trading with them for about seven months now and the sales have been going from strength-to-strength. And, I've been contacted by so many people looking to commission their own special somewhere after seeing my work in the shop.


The Hambridge Artist

At the start of July, I was contacted by Hannah, AKA The Hambridge Artist. I own some of Hannah's modern, vibrant prints and have admired her work for quite some time. She was busy preparing the open a shop of her own and wanted to stock my work. Again, I was blown away!

I quickly set about scaling up some of my existing designs to 40x50cm and have also designed some new pieces specifically for her and her customers. I am overjoyed to be a part of Hannah's journey and love popping over to Ilminster for a catch-up when I'm dropping off prints.

Cooper Art Gallery

Back in May this year, I was notified that I had been selected to become a supplier to Barnsley Museums at the Cooper Art Gallery. I completed their forms and waited for communication as to designs and quantities ... but to no avail. So, I will continue to watch this space as I would love to sell my Barnsley prints to Barnsley locals back in my home town!


Bespoke Art Commissions

I received my first commission in May from a local business who had seen my work in Rocket and Bird.I was asked whether I could size my work to A2 ... a daunting task, but one that has now seen me offer much larger commission options to my customers.

I've designed everything from commercial premises, to homes, to a flower farm, to holiday accommodations, and regularly create commissions that have special significance for people. This is the part I love the most – when I've captured the essence of a place that my customers had been hoping for!

I offer a few options for bespoke work. If someone wants a completely unique one-of-a-kind design, they can choose the size up to A1, with personalisation if required.

The next option is semi-bespoke. This means you can choose your special somewhere, but to keep costs slightly cheaper, the design is then added to the main collection for general sale minus any personalisation.

And the final option is to choose an existing design at sizes a4 to A2 with personalisation: names, dates, messages etc.

Please do get in touch if you'd like to explore any of these options. I've found that my work is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, leaving gifts, and so many more occasions where you want your recipient to receive something unique and special to them.

Super Seconds Festival

At the start of October I took part in an online event called Super Seconds Festival. Taking place twice a year, it brings together over 250 artists and makers selling a variety of work at huge discounts. The idea is to give a voice to the small artisan business owner who is looking to sell off their samples and seconds and end of line stock, and helps to connect you with new customers and other creatives. It's a fantastically friendly community, and I have made virtual friends with so many people who are all creating the most gorgeous items up and down the country.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I even made videos and took part in two Instagram LIVES! I know, not somehting I thought I'd ever have the confidence to do!

The build up and promotion certainly helped me to position myself well and the response has been overwhelming. I had no idea what to expect, but when the orders started coming through, I was ecstatic! 

Having moved my end of line stock to Etsy already, I then set about working through the many print seconds and samples that I thought might be of interest to people, at massively reduced prices. I also reduced my home textiles products, alongside older prints and card packs and have managed to clear some space in the many nooks and crannies of my home that were housing these items. 

I've continued to run a small sale on Etsy (my outlet shop!) where you can still get 20% off everything until 14th November.

Etsy shop

Well, I think that's it for now. Christmas is definitely on the horizon, as is the colder weather. I am sat wrapped in a blanket as I type, not looking forward to venturing outside to run errands and make more preparations for an event next weekend! xx


Bespoke Wedding Gifts

All my products make great gifts for all occasions, but my painted glassware and prints can be fully bespoke to suit your brief. Take a look through my shop, or drop me an email with your ideas:


Art Prints for Sale

As well as my soon-to-be-launched landmarks and buildings collection, I also have a range of art prints for sale. These are digital designs that incorporate my acrylic and mixed media work, presenting them in a whole new light, focusing on pattern, texture and colour.


Small-Batch Homewares and Gifts

My homewares and gifts range includes tea towels, prints, cushions, head and neck scarves, cosmetics bags and painted glassware. Vibrant and bold in design, they’re not for the faint-hearted, instead intended to inject some colour and pattern into your homes.

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